Paprika's in Victoria!

November 23, 2012

 I'm beginning to feel like a real Jet-setter! Toronto last weekend, Victoria this weekend!

Today is day 1 of the Out of Hand Show at Victoria BC's Crystal Gardens. My booth is all set up and ready to go, although i had such a successful show in Toronto last weekend that I hardly have enough jewellery to fill my booth! So I've incorporated some of my good friends work into my display:

Hayden Harvey's funky style adds a whole new element to my booth - check out her button necklace and peacock feeather earrings if you make it to the show!

Margo Anfossie is the creator of Panacea herbs, an incredible line of handmade, organic skincare using high quality oils, butters and herbs. Her products will be gracing my display as well this weekend! ( )

Alchemy Adornment is my latest business venture with body piercer and business owner Darren Rinaldi ( ) We've been designing and making beautiful high-end body jewellery using white gold, yellow gold and a huge variety of precious and semi-precious stone including diamonds, sapphires, and opals! I have a variety of different nostril screws (earrings for the nose) to choose from at my display!

So wish me luck! Here I gooooooooo.......